Sunday, January 18, 2009

Senor Moose - Seattle, WA

I ate here the last time I was out in Seattle visiting Chicken Little. Gerd needed to try it, for sure. Awesome Mexican food breakfasts and they tell you where each dish is from, which is kind of cool. Good idea.

Gerd got the Entomatadas (from Oaxaca) - tortillas in tomato sauce covered with eggs and cheese. When she ordered this dish, the waitress corrected her gringo pronunciation. Really delicious and flavorful (I even got a few bites of this one). I got the Huevos Mutoleños (from Yucatan) - tortillas, black beans, peas, and ham topped with plantains. Gerd claimed this dish looked like a plate of vomit, but honestly, it was amazing. Tons of different flavors but didn't seem like everything ran together like some dishes cooked all together. I would get this anytime I come across this in the future, rest assured.

Top 5 things
1. Huevos Mutoleños
2. Entomatadas
3. The refried beans
4. They have Mimosas
5. It wasn't nearly as busy as last time I was there.

Bottom 5 things
1. Vomit plate
2. Cans of soda
3. There was food left on our table from previous eaters
4. Couldn't finish my food
5. American-sounding name is deceiving

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GERD said...

I seriously hate being served pop in a can. But I actually rationed well this time!